Drone Junkie CamAngleOmeter


Drone Junkie have released an excellent new tool for your pit box. The CamAngleOmeter lets you set your camera angle accurately each time.

Here’s the Blurb,

Introducing the all new exclusive (soon to be heavily cloned lol) 
No more guessing what angle you are flying.
You can setup your camera and be sure what its set to.

A world exclusive new product from Drone Junkie.
The best item you never knew you needed or wanted to use.
You cant buy them in the shops but if you add a note to your next Drone Junkie order and we will slip one in the box for you.

Source: facebook

NBD Candy Props

NewBeeDrone have released some delicious looking new props. 31mm diameter with a 0.8mm hole. Here is their blurb.

Unhappy with the current props available on the market, NewBeeDrone set out to create the perfect recipe of props that have just the right blend of balance, power, and efficiency. After months of thought and trial, we have come up with what we believe are the best props for AcroBee, Tiny Whoop, and all other micro quads…Candy Props!

Because of the strut bracing that runs through the entire prop body, this allow the prop to keep its entire form even under heavy or extreme conditions, allowing the prop to keep its balance and remain efficient. The quad blades also allow these props to maintain a great thrust ratio and also run quieter then most other props on the market currently.

Each bag of candy props comes with 2 sets of each color prop (Lemon, Grape, Cherry, Blueberry, and Melon). These props are so good Team Pilot Goose took first place in the Micro Drone racing using these props, proven winners!

source: https://newbeedrone.com/products/candy-props