Panel Machined Chair

Chair Number 4

I was asked by a client to explore a range of furniture to be produced from sheet materials using their new CNC router. Chair Number 4 is manufactured from birch ply and laminate faced ply with each element nested tightly to eliminate wastage.

P6 Fidget Spinner


This is the fidget spinner that took Kickstarter by storm with 394% funding in just 30 days and also featured on Core77.

I have spent countless hours developing the P6-Spinner using different combinations of weight and size until I was happy with the combination of spin time and spin speed while maintaining a comfortable size. The overall weight is 60g with the rotating balls weighing in at 42g.
The P6-Spinner gives satisfying spin times in a high quality unit. Using stainless steel hardware and market leading Bones Reds bearings, it really is built to last.

A high quality, low cost fidget spinner that spins well, feels good and looks great. Spinning awesomeness! Spin to your heart’s content with the P6-Spinner form Jetset Robot.