JSR 1:10 Off Road Shock Protectors

JSR 3D printed shock protectors

We are pleased to announce the release of our new JSR 1:10 Off Road Shock Protectors. These are 3D Printed in Semiflex from Fenner Drives, the makers of Ninjaflex, on a P3 Steel at 0.2mm layer height with a speed of 15mm/s. Initial versions of the covers were printed in PLA first, then PLA/PHA mix for added strength but they required more flexibility during an impact which is why we chose Semiflex.

This specialized filament required alot of dialing in to achieve good results but once we had reduced the print speed and played around with the temperature, the finish was great. I am using an E3D V6 lite, which allows me to extend the PTFE sleeve to just below the hobbed direct drive. This is needed for printing such a flexible filament.

We have carried out extensive testing with the shock protectors and are now happy to offer them for sale. They are just £9.95 per pair plus postage and are available to purchase from ebay.