3DOM USA Glass Filled PLA Filament

3DOM USA have released details of their new filament. It’s glass filled PLA and promises to be tougher than standard PLA. 3DOM USA state that their latest filament prints as easily as normal PLA and does not require a heated bed.



The following information comes straight from the 3DOM USA website:

Glass Filled PLA 3D printer filament is a first-of-its-kind engineering-grade filament that can be used on any machine capable of printing standard PLA. Glass Filled PLA filament offers similar benefits of standard PLA such as a very low warp, low odor, and no special extruder or heated bed needed. But the power of its composite make-up allows it to be stronger, tougher and more flexible. In a comparison to parts 3D printed in standard PLA, Glass Filled PLA is:

  • 1.4 times stronger than PLA at 57 MPa of max tensile strength.
  • 1.3 times tougher than PLA with 34 J/m of Impact Toughness.
  • 1.9 times more flexible than PLA with a tensile elongation of 3.4% before failure.

Glass Filled PLA is an effort to advance engineered and practical-use 3D printed parts and components, but also to simply offer to users of PLA a product far improved.


Print Settings

Glass Filled PLA prints well at 190-210 C. These are general starting points for Glass Filled PLA, actual temperatures will vary from one printer to another. A heated bed is not necessary, though if you have one, set it to 40 C.

Filament Information

Quality: All 3Dom USA 3D printer filament is manufactured in our own production facility located in Fargo, North Dakota. We have complete control over the manufacturing process and are able to ensure consistent quality for every spool.

Diameter Tolerance: Variable diameter can cause big problems in your 3D printer. We use a multi-axis laser measurement system to control our filament diameter and ovality in real time during production. Every spool has the diameter and ovality measurements listed right on the box.

More information can be found at the 3DOMUSA website.


Z End Stop Mount for Prusa i3

I made this Z End Stop Mount to fit onto my Prusa i3. It is bolted onto the Z stepper motor in order to stop the mount twisting over time and changing the Z home position. I have uploaded it in 30mm and 40mm tall versions to suit your extruder set up. I am using the 40mm mount with a witbox extruder, and the 30mm mount with my E3D V6 lite and custom direct drive extruder.

This is a combination of the Hephestos End Stop Mount and a section of the Z stepper mount. They were combined and trimmed in blender.

I print them with 0.14mm layer height using a 0.4mm Nozzle. 2 perimiters, 0.8mm top/bottom and 20% infill. all at 30mm/sec.

The Z End Stop Mount can be downloaded from thingiverse here.

Copenhagen Grafitti shot

Image taken with Nexus 5 in HDR mode, Slightly tweaked, added vignette.

I took this picture on a night out last week in Copenhagen with my wife. We had been to see a friends band and came across this piece of graffiti on out way to find somewhere to eat. It is located next to the PK Caffine in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, behind the main train station.