Latest PUBG Xbox One Update Increases Vehicle Damage

The team at bluehole have continued their outstanding work rate and released another update for PUBG on the Xbox One. Today’s update increases damage to vehicles, especially when certain areas such as wheels and tyres are targeted. Hopefully this will help to redress the balance when faced with an opponent who is in a vehicle when you are on foot.

The update also addresses controller input lag as well as other optimization and bug fixes.

This week has seen the number of console players pass the 4 million mark with a million joining in the past 2 weeks.

The Boring Company Has Released A Flamethrower, Obviously.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company have moved on from selling hats, and released a $500 flamethrower. Touted as “the world’s safest flamethrower” there are very few details other than the price. Potential customers can pre-order today and will be sent T&Cs to approve before shipping which starts in the spring.

The company was started in order to explore the possibilities of reducing tunnelling costs by at lease a factor of ten, in order to expand burgeoning road networks underground.

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HQ Trivia finally reaches the UK.

US based live quiz app HQ Trivia, is now available to download in the UK and I’m already hooked. Once you’ve installed the app, you need to enter your mobile number and then the confirmation code sent by SMS and you’re ready to go. The app’s home screen tells you the time of the next quiz and also has a chat function. Just before start time, the screen bursts into action with some cheesy graphics and a countdown until our super chirpy and watchable host Scott Rogowsky @scottrogowsky appears. 

The format is super simple. Answer all 12 multiple choice Continue reading “HQ Trivia finally reaches the UK.”